Recorded Training Sessions

The videos on this page provide bite-sized overviews to introduce you to new functionality or refresh your memory. Introductory and overview videos can get you started. Additional videos are organized into various categories below.

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Training Video                                                                          


IntroductionFPM Platform Overview3 min


Introduction to Custom Predictive Models5 min
IntroductionIntroduction to Targeter16 min


Introduction to the Advancement Layer                    

 9 min

IntroductionIntroduction to the FPM Mobile App6 min

Introduction to Officer Goals Management

8 min
IntroductionIntroduction to Setting Officer Goals14 min
IntroductionHow to Edit your Notifications and Subscribe Other Users4 min
IntroductionNotifications Overview4 min
IntroductionIntroduction to The Drawer2 min
IntroductionIntroduction to Viewports3 min
Activity CenterIntroduction to Enhanced Activity Center4 min
Activity CenterIntroduction to Tasks5 min
Activity CenterIntroduction to Contact Reports11 min
Activity CenterAccessing Activity Center (for System Admin)2 min
Activity CenterIntroduction to Proposals: Part 18 min
Activity CenterIntroduction to Proposals: Part 24 min
Major Giving

Introduction to the Major Giving Layer

8 min

Major GivingImpact of and Investment in Top 100 Donors
30 min
Major GivingGoal Setting for Gift Officers with JR Blackburn51 min
Talent ManagementOfficer Benchmarks4 min

Annual Giving

Introduction to the Annual Giving Layer

11 min

Annual GivingAn Alternative Model for Annual Giving29 min
Annual GivingHow Effective are LYBUNT Strategies?20 min


Introduction to Targeter

16 min


Travel Planning with Targeter

4 min

TargeterIntroduction to List Views4 min
Blackbaud Volunteer Network FundraisingVNF Staff Workflow30 min
Blackbaud Volunteer Network FundraisingHow to Contact A Prospect4 min
Blackbaud Volunteer Network Fundraising

How to Add Prospects

2 min
Blackbaud Volunteer Network FundraisingHow To Edit Prospect Contact Information2 min
Blackbaud Volunteer Network FundraisingHow to Track Your Progress2 min
Blackbaud Volunteer Network Fundraising

Where to Find Resources and Notifications

2 min


 Past Reeher Vista Executive Conferences  

Past Reeher Annual Giving Boot Camps