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Past Webinar Recordings

This Land is your Land; This Land is my Land:  How to Build an Integrated, Collaborative Fundraising Office - Watch Now!

With no lack of work to be done, it is easy to create silos around our respective fundraising niches.  But donors expect and deserve an integrated development team that is well coordinated among all levels of engagement – these transparent donor-centered systems can take their giving to the next level, and bridge the divide between “annual giving” and “major giving.” 

Purposeful. Planned. Proficient: Using Proposals to Achieve High Performance - Watch Now!

The hallmark characteristic of a high achieving fundraising office is the ability to plan out future solicitations.  We will explore the proposal data coming from the FPM Community, discuss using projected dates for future proposals, and the changes necessary to implement these best practices at your institution.  

Finding the Best High Value Prospects within a Pool of High Value Prospects - Watch Now!

Blackbaud's FPM predictive models allow officers and prospect managers to easily find high value prospects. ?But what is the best way to organize and focus that list further?? This session will give recommendations to organize and focus on the very best prospects within the high value pool of prospects including an introduction to new tools that will be available for all schools in the Fundraiser Performance Management Platform. 

Preparing for Fiscal Year 2020 - Watch Now!

As your 2019 fiscal years winds down, preparation for 2020 begins. How to identify new prospects while their hand is raised, setting goals that motivate your team, efficiently planning your donor activities, annual giving segmentation, and other tips to set you up for success.  We'll show you how to use Blackbaud's Fundraiser Performance Management Platform to start the new year off right.

New Features Webinar Watch Now!

Recent enhancements to Blackbaud Fundraiser Performance Management (formerly The Reeher Platform). Andy Reeher will be joining us to share his thoughts around Reeher's first year as a part of Blackbaud and invite you to the upcoming Blackbaud Higher Education Executive Summit this October. 

New Feature: Project Reporting Watch Now!

1. What project reporting is, and how it fits in the larger picture of meeting campaign goals
2. Who needs this information and how to give them the right permissions
3. How to ensure your data is aligned to track and present project and campaign information accurately in the platform

Cracking the Code: Engaging Young Alumni Watch Now!

All Higher Education fundraisers want to capture the attention and future philanthropic potential of young alumni. While young alumni remain an elusive bunch, the importance of this demographic is key to the long-term vision of institutions. In this session, we will break down the young alumni experience and help you develop a strategic approach to relationship-building with this important group.

Planned Giving with Fundraiser Performance Management Watch Now!

Planned giving is part of nearly every fundraising shop out there. Kurt Bartley, Senior Director for Gift and Estate Planning at University of Texas Arlington will share his successes of using Fundraiser Performance Management to best identify new planned giving prospects and work with Gift Officers to identify opportunities within their existing portfolios to solicit for planned gifts. Become a Targeter expert for planned giving opportunities in this webinar.

Convening Webinar for Gift Officer Managers Watch Now!

We brought together four gift officer Managers to discuss:

  • Continuing to work toward annual and campaign goals
  • Staff planning and changes
  • Keeping officers motivated and functioning when travel is off the table

Panelists:Kendra Alexander, Associate Vice Chancellor for Development at East Carolina University, JR Blackburn, Associate Vice President for University Development at University of Maryland, Alisa Toney, Director of Development at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, and Jeremy Wang, Associate Vice President for Development at Temple University

Convening Webinar for Vice Presidents of Advancement Watch Now!

Vice presidents of advancement in higher education are facing a unique challenge in the face of COVID-19. This convening is to share ideas and brainstorm a way forward. 

Panelists: Heidi Tracy, VP for Advancement at Central Michigan University, Matthew White, VP for Advancement at Utah State University, and Jonathan Purvis, VP for University Advancement at Butler University.

Convening Webinar for Annual Giving Directors Watch Now! 

Annual Giving Directors in higher education are facing a unique challenge in the face of COVID-19. This convening is an opportunity to hear from peers, share ideas, and brainstorm a way forward.

Panelists: Stephanie Carroll, Assistant Vice President for Annual Giving and Alumni/Parent Engagement at Lipscomb University, Adam Compton, Executive Director of Annual Giving at North Carolina State University, Nick Lonardo, Vice President of the Annual Fund at Montana State University Alumni Foundation, and Katie Schroeder, Director of the Gustavus Fund at Gustavus Adolphus College.

Convening Webinar for Prospect Researchers Watch Now!

Prospect researchers in higher education are facing a unique challenge in the face of COVID-19. This convening is an opportunity to hear from peers, share ideas, and brainstorm a way forward.

Panelists: Kathleen Heckman, Associate Vice President for Administration and Campaign Co-Director at University at Buffalo, Mandy Heath, Director of Research and Prospect Management at Florida International University, Liz Clark, Director of Prospect Development at Creighton University

Predictive Model Overview and Basic Platform Functions Watch Now!

Whether you’re a new user of the Fundraising Performance Manager Platform, or have been using the platform for years, it’s always great to get a refresher on functionality. There is always something new to learn. Over the course of a 60-minute training you’ll get an overview of the predictive models and a walk through of common platform tasks including…

  • Running targeter queries
  • Logging contact reports
  • Looking up constituents
  • Setting up your Major Giving and Annual Giving Dashboards
  • And much more

Convening Webinar for Guided Fundraising During COVID-19 Pandemic Watch Now!

Many Guided Fundraising clients have suspended their multi-channel campaigns as they scramble to determine the best approach to direct marketing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Others have decided now is as important a time as ever to continue direct marketing efforts, while shifting messaging to reflect the gravity of the moment. Join this webinar to hear from two panelists who have continued their Guided Fundraising campaigns during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Adding Efficiencies To Your Workday - Watch Now!

 Are you interested in learning more about how Fundraiser Performance Management could help you work more efficiently?  Have you wondered if there were pathways to find the information you need, when you need it in a concise yet detailed way?

During this webinar, you’ll learn how to leverage the platform and utilize built in shortcuts to provide actionable information that help boost your output. Whether you are looking to set up notifications, subscribe to popular Targeter queries, or use an email to start a contact report, come and learn tips for adding efficiency into your workday.

Targeting Your Best Prospects in FPM - Watch Now!

Major Gift Officers, Annual Fund Team, Prospect Researchers and Managers will learn how to identify the best prospects for major and annual fund gifts for this fiscal year. In just 60 minutes using the Targeter tool you will be able to

  • Identify high value unassigned prospects
  • Discover prospects likely to give to a specific school or program
  • Become a master of the 6-square segmentation tool
  • Subscribe to weekly updates for top prospects
  • Modify existing Targeter templates as well as create new ones
  • Optimize your travel plans, once the quarantine is over!

Managing Your Ask Plans - Watch Now

Learn how to use the Fundraiser Performance Management Platform to take your solicitations to the next level and examine your strategies from a holistic perspective. In this webinar we discussed how to enter proposals thoughtfully and set yourself up for success using the diagnostic tools in the Platform. 

The Power of FPM Viewports - Watch Now!

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the sheer breadth of data at your fingertips in FPM? Have you ever wondered what the best viewports are for your specific user role? How you can quickly see how many $1k LYBUNTs your annual giving program has this year, or the distribution of officer visits among new, developing and existing relationships? In this webinar, we’ll cover the basics of setting up the viewports on your dashboard, and take a deep dive on strategically leveraging the viewport data to drive your results.

Parent-Focused Fundraising: Data Insights and Best Practices, featuring St. Lawrence University - Watch Now!

Parent relationships are a critical population for many higher education fundraising shops. But this group has unique motivations for giving that are different from alumni. And they respond differently to our various engagement tools. In this webinar, we will explore parent giving data such as channel performance, the impact of net worth, and more. We will also hear from one of the most successful parent focused fundraising operations in the Fundraiser Performance Management community, St. Lawrence University: Chad Tessier will provide an overview of their program and explain the components that make it work for them.

Convening Webinars for Benchmark Groups

This year has presented colleges and universities with some unique challenges. These convening sessions are a way to share ideas and brainstorm a way forward in the company of your peers institutions.  

National Private - Watch Now!

Panelists: Amy McElhaney, Creighton University; Rick Virgin, University of San Diego; Hudson Akin, Lipscomb University

 Regional Private - Watch Now!

Panelists: Carrie Collins, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine; Jon Mammenga, Augustana University; Sam McCrimon, Le Moyne College

 Regional Public - Watch Now!

Panelists: Jane Barghothi, Appalachian State University; Barb Richey, Eastern Washington University Advancement; Evelyn Buchanan, California State University, Chico

 National Public - Watch Now!

Panelists: Jeff Baynham, North Carolina State University; Natasha Pedroza, UC Santa Cruz; Ellen Caccia, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

National Liberal Arts - Watch Now!

Panelists: Heather Krajewski, Hampden Sydney College; Libby Gray Koultourides, Saint Mary's College (IN); Stephen Sporer, Luther College

Digital Engagement in the Age of Covid: How to Build Personal Relationships Through Online Channels - Watch Now!

Digital engagement is the new frontier of higher education fundraising – even before the country was put on lockdown and the primary tool of most fundraisers -the in-person visit-ground to a halt, many advancement shops were exploring how to create new programs that focused on online tools of engagement that might open doors to a new generation of donors and complement traditional annual giving and major giving efforts.  As philanthropy evolves in the 21st Century, these fundraisers are testing the hypothesis of whether you need to meet face-to-face in order to build a meaningful relationship and close a gift. 

This webinar will be a Q&A session with three schools that have established digital fundraising programs: James Fleshman, Centre College; Amanda Schmidt, Northern Arizona University Foundation; Quinlan Stein, Kansas State University Foundation.  

Whether you are a fundraising leader exploring how to create a digital fundraising program or if you are gift officer wanting to learn more about how to utilize digital tools in today’s environment, this webinar will help you understand how several schools are currently using online channels to build personal relationships with prospects. 

The Pandemic Pivot: Digital Engagement with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Watch Now! 

The Pandemic challenged fundraising teams of all shapes and sizes to adapt quickly to a virtual world. While many organizations have figured it out, most are not yet up to par with previous years, especially when it comes to identifying and building new relationships. In this webinar, fundraising experts at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University will talk about their pandemic pivot to successfully deploying a digital engagement initiative. 

NEW Prospect Management Feature Suite - Watch Now!

Blackbaud Fundraiser Performance Management has rolled out a suite of new features that will give you the insight you need to move the major gift needle. Now you can see at a glance which prospects need attention to move them ahead, who may be stuck in qualification, and how many new prospects you’re identifying year over year. Learn how to take advantage of these new features by adding prospect stage history to your nightly data feed, and/or making assignments and stage moves directly in FPM!