The Advancement Layer comprehensively summarizes the overall performance of fundraising at your college or university. Users can customize this Layer, choosing from a catalog of viewports, by clicking +Viewport in the upper right corner of the screen. This page has several features to note:

  • Viewport Measurement Toggle – This feature allows you to change the variable that is being graphed over the same period. A common example is the selection of a Measurement.
  • Fiscal Year – This feature allows you to change the fiscal year for all Viewports in the tab. You are able to select up to the previous 5 fiscal years.
  • Graph Roll-over Reveal – This feature will provide you with the actual count within a section of a graph. This roll-over feature will disappear when you are no longer hovering on the section.
  • Chart/Table Toggle - This feature allows you to toggle the viewport between a chart view and a table view, allowing you to see all the data behind a viewport.

  • Export Viewport - You can export the viewport as either a PDF for charts and tables, a high resolution image for charts, or an Excel file for the tables.

  • Drill Down Analytics – When you click on a column section, this feature will display the people who are related to that section. This table is column-sortable and exportable to Excel as a .csv file. In the top right of the results page, there are icons to add additional columns to your results, view your results using Cross Tab, or view the results on a map of the US in the Map View.


*Data displayed in each of the viewports is drawn from internal and external data sources.

Please review the following sections for more information on the Tabs and Viewports included in this layer: