The Control Panel Layer allows you to administer the Platform experience for your users. The administrative tools are organized into Tabs that you will see on the left side navigation within the Control Panel Layer. Those tabs include:

  • My Settings - This tab contains preference settings for choosing your default homepage within the Platform, changing your password, and subscribing to Notifications.
  • Manage Users – This tab contains all of the user administrative tools. These tools allow you to create or deactivate user accounts and control what each user has access to within the Platform.
  • Manage Platform – This tab contains all of the platform administrative tools. These tools include the Code Mapping and Mobile App administration.

Access to certain functions of the Control Panel is limited to users that have been given access to the tool(s) within Control Panel. Any user with access to the Manage User tab of the Control Panel can provide other users with access as required. There is no limit to the number of users that can have access, but it is suggested that access only be provided to those who require access to support their role within your organization.