Welcome to the Blackbaud Volunteer Network Fundraising tool! The volunteernetworkfundraising.blackbaud.com portal is the one-stop destination for volunteers such as yourself to review your assignments, track your contact progress, and complete your solicitations. The portal will guide you through the solicitation process, letting you know what your next action should be for each prospect as well as serving up phone scripts and other resources at the right moment whenever you need them. Below is a map outlining the various features of the tool to help you get started.


Volunteer Network Fundraising Tour

Notifications are communications and announcements from your volunteer manager. Any new notifications will appear in top left of the screen. You can also access any notifications, past or present, via the Notifications button at the top right.
Resources is a repository for any documents provided to you by your volunteer manager. Examples include a volunteer toolkit, walk-thrus, or additional prospect data.
My Prospects: This section is a list of the prospects that have been assigned to you. Click on the name to see the profile detail and perform your next action.
Dashboard: Located at the top of the page, the Dashboard section allows you to monitor your progress as you work through your list. Results are instantly captured as you complete your contacts, providing feedback on your progress. The Donors chart displays the number of your assignments who have made a gift this year. The Donors Thanked chart displays the number of your assigned donors who you have thanked. You can also check the progress of your whole class and see how you rank against the other class years. Just click on the arrow on the right side of the Dashboard. Here you will be able to see your class's performance in terms of participation rate, dollars, or donors.

Getting Started

Getting started is easy. You can review your list of assignments in the bottom half of the page under My Prospects. This list displays information such as the prospect's name, major, the last date that you contacted them, and a column indicating your recommended next step. Just click on the name or the next action to pull up the prospect's profile. Here you will find a summary of this individual's information as well as quick links at the top to communicate by phone, text, or email.
For help on your next move, consult the orange Next Step bar across the center of the page. This bar will help you determine where to focus next.

Contacting a Prospect

  1. To contact a prospect, just click on their name in your My Prospects list.
  2. This will pull up a profile of the assigned prospect.
  3. From here, you can see a summary of information available on this individual. 
  4. Click View Scripts to view Letter/Email, Phone and Text scripts provided by your manager.
  5. After contacting the prospect, click the Log Activity button at the bottom right.
  6. From here you will have an opportunity to provide notes about the interaction to your volunteer manager, as well as report an outcome and sign up for a recontact reminder.
    1. Report Outcome – Possible outcomes include Will Donate, Won't Donate, and No Response. If the prospect agreed to donate, enter in the amount they agreed to, as well as how they indicated they would pay. You have options for Online, Send Pledge Card, or Other. If Other, please indicate in the notes the method of payment.
    2. Recontact Reminder – If you need to contact the prospect again, use this to help schedule the next contact. You can choose One Week, Two Weeks, or Select Date to set a specific date. The tool will then remind you when you should contact the prospect again. Leave notes to remind you and inform your manager of the results from this contact (such as "Left a voicemail. Will re-contact next week").
  7. Based on the results you reported, the What's Next action in the prospect list will update to suggest your next action.

Thanking Donors

Once a prospect has donated, you will see the option to Send Thank You. If you have indicated in your previous contacts that the prospect will donate, but the donation has not yet been received, the What's Next action will say, "send thank you (donation pending)." Once the donation has been received by the school, it will read, "send thank you (donation received)." Once the thank you is sent, the donor will be added to your Donors Thanked on the Dashboard and appear as "Complete" in the What's Next field.
To send the thank you, click on the prospect's name in My Prospects, and then click "Send Thank You". After you have thanked the prospect, click "Log Activity" and then "Submit".

Adding Prospects

The Blackbaud Volunteer Network Fundraising tool provides an easy way to help you find additional prospects to solicit. To get started, click the Add Prospects button at the top right of the My Prospects list. The tool will start by recommending prospects to you based on the appropriate criteria such as class year, major, or interest who appear to be good potential donors. You can also click show all prospects on the right to list all of the prospects in your respective interest group, such as class year. Or, you can also search for a specific individual using the search bar at the top of the window. Just type the first or last name or both to find the prospect in the list.
To view a prospect, click on their name for the list. This will bring up their profile. If this an individual you would like to add to your prospect list, just click the Add Prospect button at the top right of the profile. Now you will see them in you My Prospects list.


For any questions on using the tool, just click on your name in the top right of the screen and choose Contact Manager from the drop down. This will give you options of email clients for you to use to contact your volunteer manager.