The Prospects Awaiting Qualification by Age viewport displays all prospects in currently in an Identified stage, grouping them by how long they’ve been in that stage and how long it’s been since they’ve been contacted. The goal of this viewport is to ensure that prospects you have identified get qualified or disqualified in a timely manner.

Unlike other viewports on the Prospect Management tab, this viewport is based on the current stage of Prospects, only showing prospects currently in an identified stage. Within that list of prospects, it then groups them by:

  • how long they have been in their current stage
  • how long it has been since someone from your institution last contacted them

Key definition for this viewport:

  • Days Since Last Contact: The number of days since the constituent was last contacted (i.e. had a contact report filed). The contact could have come from anyone, not only their assigned gift officer. This value is updated each time FPM processes your instiution's data feed. That means entering a new contact report via Activity Center will not update this value for a prospect right away. 
  • Identified: Your system admin is responsible for mapping your institution's prospect stages to "identified" appropriate. (They also can map stages to other values not displayed in this viewport.)