Overcome the Challenges of Managing Contact Reports, Proposals and Tasks

A Gift Officer’s primary responsibility is to raise funds to meet your advancement goals. In order to meet these goals, Gift Officers tend to be busy and on the go working with various personalities and social situations. The last thing they want to do is to spend time doing administrative tasks that often rely on outdated systems or even paper forms which can be very time consuming and frustrating to use. Gift Officer Managers, on the other hand, rely on contact reports and proposal tracking to make accurate forecasts and to gain a better understanding of their Gift Officers’ overall productivity.

With Fundraiser Performance Management’s Activity Center, Gift Officers will be given the proper tools to easily and accurately enter contact reports, proposals, and tasks right into the Fundraiser Performance Management. Managers can then track these activities and measure their Gift Officers’ success on a daily basis.

Activity Center is a Fundraiser Performance Management best practice module that can be added to a customer’s Platform subscription if they are currently a subscriber to the Major Giving layer of the Platform. 

Activity Center is designed to:

  • Overcome the challenges of managing contacts, proposals and the tasks related to fundraising by:
    • Simplifying the process of filing contact reports and creating proposals
    • Assisting the gift officer with scheduling and tracking events with a system for follow up and reminders
    • Linking all of the activities to provide insight and continuity in the fundraising process

The core components of the Activity Center tab are: